Rental Information and Regulations

You will be mailed a copy of this that will need to be signed and returned to our office and is required on all bookings.


  1. Guest agrees that a credit card shall be posted at check-in to serve as a $500 SECURITY DEPOSIT to be used to indemnify (pay) the Owner and Agent for any damage caused by the guest to the rental unit grounds, furnishings, equipment and household items, therein, which occur during Guest’s occupancy. This includes the cost of additional cleaning if unit is left excessively dirty. And to pay for lost or missing keys and some parking permits. Guest must report any damages not caused by guest immediately after check-in. Guest shall notify agent upon check in regarding pre existing damage to rental unit.
  2. To honor 10AM Check-out and 4PM Check-in times. Sometimes due to reasons beyond management’s control a unit might not be ready by 4PM. If a unit is ready earlier than 4PM, guest may check in sooner as ready. Also rarely it might be necessary to switch units due to conflicts in reservations for reasons beyond management’s control. All efforts will be made to notify guest of any changes when time permits. If a switch occurs it will always be to a comparable or upgraded unit.
  3. That he/she has no more in party than represented in the above appropriate box of this check-in form, or more than the unit will accommodate as counted by the number of beds in the unit.
  4. Guest understands that Carolina Resorts Realty from Memorial Day to Labor Day rents weekly from Saturday to Saturday. Some exceptions are possible. Ask us. We can book 4 night stays over the summer as long as the stay does not include a Saturday night. Again some exceptions are possible. From Labor Day to Memorial Day we do offer 2 or 3 night minimum stays.
  5. Guest agrees NOT to run air conditioning units with doors or windows open!!
  8. Guest will receive PARKING PERMITS One/ 1BR OR 2BR, Two/ 3BR or 4 BR Three/ 5 BR and Three OR Four/ 6BR, 7BR or 8BR (Some exceptions apply)
  9. Motorcycles, RV’s Boats and Trailers are NOT allowed on most properties. (Call for details.) Some parking permits must be returned to our office as they are permanent tags and fees can apply if they are not turned back into the office. Guest must understand that there is a fee for lost permanent permits and can be up to $200 in some cases.
  10. All deposits made by Guest for Rental Accommodations shall be held in trust according to SC Law. Funds received by Carolina Resorts Realty or trustee under this Reservation Agreement shall not be the property of the agent, but shall remain the property of the entitled person(s) per South Carolina statutes.
  11. CANCELLATION POLICY as of November 3, 2021: Travelers who cancel at least 60 days before their arrival date will receive a 100% refund less a $200 booking fee. Reservations cancelled 60 days or less will not receive any refund unless the unit is re-rented for the same dates and price. We regret when situations arise that necessitate a cancellation. Upon confirmation the rental is off the market to anyone else. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT GUEST PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOUR DEPOSIT AND THE REFUND OF THAT DEPOSIT. One of the products we offer is a cancel for any reason (CFAR) insurance.
  12. Per the South Carolina “Innkeepers Act”, Agent may terminate occupancy if guest or any member of his/her party violates any of the conditions of this agreement. Agent may terminate this contract and enter the premises by force or by statutory proceedings if occupancy by guest is deemed to be damaging rental unit. HOUSE PARTIES ARE PROHIBITED. Parents should be cautioned not to rent any Carolina Resort units for underage persons as this constitutes fraud per “Innkeepers Act”. Agent has the final authority in deciding if occupants are conducting a house party. Should agent discover occupancy by underage persons occupancy will not be permitted and deposit plus balance of monies paid will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS. Agent rents strictly to persons 25 YEARS OR OLDER (If this booking is for a group then all persons in that group must be over the age of 25!!) We cater to couples AND golfers over 25 year of age and to families, that being parents with children, and/or relatives. If a house party is found to exist by underage persons, guests and members of that party agree to leave premises and to forfeit all monies paid. WE DO NOT ALLOW CHAPERONED GROUPS OF STUDENTS NOR INDIVIDUALS.
  13. Guest is responsible to check the number of nights, the arrival date and to confirm the rate, the unit type, and the view from the unit and details in the confirmation for accuracy and confirmation of booking details.
  14. Rates are subject to change and may vary as the season progresses. We do offer some seasonal discounts for last minute bookings. Your rate depends upon when the booking is made. Rates are higher for weekends and holiday periods in general. Confirmed rates will NOT be changed.
  15. Carolina Resorts Realty as Agent, or the Owner of the individual unit rented shall NOT be liable for damage or injury to guest or to any other person or to any property occurring on the premises or any part thereof, or in common areas thereof. Guest agrees to hold Agent and Owner harmless for any claims for ALL damages and or injury no matter how caused unless Agent or Owner is negligent in its duties. Agent and Owner will not be responsible for acts of theft or vandalism or damage to guest’s personal property.
  16. Rate adjustments are NOT made for failure of any appliance, equipment, pools nor elevators that are closed or not working as these things are out of management’s control. Refunds are not made for reasons such as cleaning or maintenance. If guest needs housekeeping to return they are available to request this service. We will also handle any maintenance requests in a timely manner.
  17. Guest agrees to allow repair persons into unit for repairs to unit and in the event of an emergency and for routine maintenance. Property management and rental management also has the right to enter this rental unit for emergencies, repairs and for routine inspection(s).
  18. Just before checkout Guest agrees to take all trash out of the rental and place in the properties dumpster or trash chute, to wash and or leave dirty dishes running in the automatic dishwasher on a cleaning cycle, to leave linens if rented bagged up on the floor in the main room and overall to leave the unit and the balcony tidy. We sincerely thank you for your efforts to leave the rental unit as clean as possible. Please let office know about anything the unit might need.