North Myrtle Beach Property Management

Do you own a vacation rental property at the beach? 

Are looking for a seasoned rental management company to handle your vacation rentals?

Look no further, Carolina Resorts Realty has been in business since 1972. Our philosophy is to provide excellence in service and strive to maximize owner returns. We are very careful on how we add new units into our rental program and do not take units simply to grow our inventory. Unlike other firms soliciting thousands of new rentals to replace what they have lost due to customer dissatisfaction, we rely primarily on word of mouth from satisfied homeowners. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to each of the rentals on our rental program.

We appraise every new addition to our rental inventory based on how well we can maximize the units performance in the market. To maximize your rental potential, we aim to rent units throughout the season and not just the summer! Our pledge to you is that we will take good care of your rental. We work hard for each of our owners and appreciate each one! We understand that in so placing your property with us, that we are establishing a relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.  We value that relationship.

Marketing & Advertising Your Rental

We advertise extensively for our clientele, who by the way are always family or persons over the age of 25 years of age…we do not compromise our reputation by renting to students or any other high risk groups even if chaperoned. We verify this with every booking to make sure that each guest is compliant with our rental rules and regulations.  Our advertising budget is spread out between internet placements in a number of tried and proven sites.  We use Adwords and pay per click advertising campaigns alongside search engine optimization through Signal Marketing. We are also plugged into channel partnerships with the likes of Marriott/Bonvoy’s Homes and Villas, Home-Away, VRBO, Expedia, AirBNB,, FlipKey, Trip Advisor,  as well as about 20 other companies such as Travelocity/Orbitz and Homestogo etc. and a few other companies through our vacation rental software provider  Home Away.  Home Away is a leader in the vacation rental industry.  Our website and online marketing is done through Blizzard Marketing and our online booking engine is cutting edge and simple to use and is available, 24/7/365.  The website also offers our owner’s an exceptional owner portal that you will be able to access and see bookings that have been made.  You are able to make owner bookings and view owner statements.  Included is a tool for our owners and guests called “Glad to Have You ®” which affords us the ability to stay in direct contact with both our owners and our guests.

Rental Maintenance & Housekeeping

We take seriously our role as your rental agent with a hands-on approach to managing your unit. This means that we are in your unit on a routine basis. Our housekeepers are contract crews that are well paid for the work they do, and as a result, your unit is very clean…. not just clean for your stay, but clean for each of your tenants stays.

The same contract cleaning crew will be in your unit every week and will know the condition of your unit week to week. As an added service to your guests, our housekeeper’s phone numbers are given to each renter and in the rare event that they might be dissatisfied with the cleanliness of the unit, our housekeeper will come back and touch up anything that the customer might request. We further employ contract maintenance people, including appliance, HVAC, TV, and general maintenance. We know that unit expenses are a concern to our ownership, and strive to minimize these types of calls as best as possible.

Further every booking comes with up to $1500 in accidental damage insurance, up to $15,000 in bed bug protection as well as $1M in liability coverage at no charge to you.

We would love to add your unit on our rental program and look forward to providing you many years of exceptional service. If we can be of any service, please don’t hesitate to call or email me at; 1-843-249-6509. My email address is

We would truly appreciate the opportunity to add you to our growing list of satisfied homeowners!! Contact us now!

Keith Hellmer